How to choose the Login Password for the mail account sign in?

A strong password is a guarantee of security and safety of the mailbox and all personal information. Take the password as seriously as possible.

First of all, the password must be of sufficient length: 6-40 characters.

In the password you can use:
  • latin letters (a-z, A-Z)
  • digits (0-9)
  • special characters (! @ # $% ^ & * () - _ + =;:,. /? \ | `~ [] {})

When creating a password is also case sensitive. For example, kytu64ui% j and KYTU64UI% J - different passwords.

Password can not:
  • consist only of digits alone,
  • contain spaces,
  • fully or partially coincide with the name of the mailbox and registration data (name, surname, date of birth, etc.)

Do not use simple combinations (password, qwerty123, asdfgh, etc.) and change the password at least once a year, or better - every three months.

There are many online services for passowrd generation. For example, you can use Generate IT to create strong passwords.

Also never give the password from the mailbox to third parties. Be careful and do not fall for the tricks of scammers!

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